Stainless Steel Magic Soap


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1. Rubbing hands with the soap, while rinsing with running water 30-60 seconds. Removal of various odors, without any detergent.
2.Energy when the refrigerator deodorizers, also in the kitchen, bathroomodor.
3.Can absorb and break down toxic gas molecules decoration of the roomsuch as formaldehyde, will love steel soap half immersed in the waterbowl on the decoration of the room.
4.You can remove pet odor nest etc.
The product life of up to decades, a purchase, long-term benefit.
It is worth to have it.
Please do not fire, open Shui Tang, violent dismantling and direct friction utensils
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Weight 0.04 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 40 cm

Circular, Oval, Oval soap holder, Oval+soap holder, Triangle+soap holder