The light and ring remind the child of the bedwetting alarm


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Product: Urine moisture reminder device
Battery: 2 * CR2025 (2032).
Bag size: 105*105*45MM
Product weight: 28 grams
Packing weight: 140g
Color: Gray
Reminder: 1. Flashing lights
2. High frequency vibration
3. Beeping sound
Position: 1. Shoulder arm
2. Put it on the edge of the child’s bed and put it on the child’s buggy when traveling
Product applicable object: 1. Infants and toddlers — we all have experienced this and understand it
2. People who lose control of their urine — people who can’t control it for a variety of reasons
3. The elderly — the elderly who are bedridden and unable to take care of themselves or express themselves
4. Ponies — cats and dogs, etc
Cleaning and Precautions:
1. The clip is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel, which can be cleaned without rusting and affecting the use.
2. Water is not allowed on the fuselage. Please pay special attention

1style: neutral


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Weight 0.03 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 45 cm

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